Our Services

With over 20 years of practical and scientific experience in modeling and simulation, we have direct experience using many different concepts, tools and procedures. We are pleased to share this knowledge with you via our training courses, workshops and user meetings. In addition, please visit us at the SemTalk stand at trade shows and conferences such as CeBIT and Moderner Staat.

Workshops and training courses are offered on various topics. For additional information or price information, please contact us directly.

Customers are invited to our Annual Users Meeting where participants share their SemTalk knowledge, present SemTalk Use Cases and where the latest SemTalk development directions are discussed.

Beyond tool training and hotline support, we offer workshops to Train the Trainers, so that you can have complete control over your process world.  These sessions contain the wisdom of years of experience supporting many different types of organizations as they met a wide range of technical and organizational requirements. Our main goal is for our customers to be able to quickly achieve optimal and sustainable results.

Here is a selection of some of our individual workshops:

  • Assistance in selecting the most appropriate modeling method, e.g.:  EPC, BPMN & CSA,
  • Method-specific training in process modeling
  • Method customization for end users and partners
  • Coaching, quality assurance and review of process models
  • Workshops process modeling approaches, project set-up and about how to conduct productive interviews
  • Support when setting up organizational models
  • Technical assistance for the establishment of Quality Management Systems
  • Training on process simulation
  • Training on setting up SemTalk-based process portals
  • Support when integrating processes with SharePoint
  • Workshops on building reference models
  • Workshops on object-oriented process modeling and multilingual models
  • Support for the migration of existing models from other vendors to a Microsoft environment
  • Consolidation of existing models from other manufacturers or Visio
  • Assistance in establishing and implementing process portals and their workflows
  • Preparation for the introduction of a workflow system
  • Interfaces to other tools, documents and databases
  • Design of new modeling methods for your specific problem, e.g. RFID or knowledge management
  • Development of reports including your specific data sources, such as SAP, or in-house developments
  • Process models as a tool in the transition to a service-oriented architecture for the company
  • Integration of EAI solutions and Web Service
  • Integration of process management and project management
  • Development of ontologies (concept systems, knowledge models)
  • Visio-based solutions, such as Shape development

If you need assistance with larger projects, we are happy to help organize support from one of our trusted partners.